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Our vast experience in commercial and residential build allows us to undertake jobs based upon our internal workload rather than job size.


Projects include: buildings, dealerships, fuel stations, equipment warehouse, renovations, timber joinery, surface leveling, finishes, mine projects, bridges, demolition, helical pier foundation/stabilization, earthwork, canals, stormwater, grading, concrete paving, GPS machine control

Design & Build

Projects include: buildings, fuel stations, parking lots, ada, renovations, homes, architectural shelters/decks, pole barns


Projects include: custom homes, timber/log, architectural shelters/decks, pole barns, remodel, built-ins/casework, landscape earthwork/boulders, retaining walls, leveling, ICF foundation, concrete, utilities, small projects


We assemble a team of specialized subcontractors that meets the particular needs of your building and are able to assist them while performing our selected portion to insure critical path scheduling.  Building consist of structural steel, cold-formed steel & wood framed, concrete, masonry, timber and pre-fabbed. Other structure work consist of bridges, helical pier underpinning/piling, mass concrete, canals, enclosures, retaining walls and demolition.
Site Work
Typically we perform the site work to expedite your project and insure correct layouts, elevations and grading.  We use robotic total stations and GPS with machine controls to expedite and insure accuracy of your project. Appropriate sitework complied with landscaping elevates the aesthetic appearance and value of your project.  Self-performed sitework typically consist of large/small scale earthwork, grading, utilities, stormwater systems, stabilization, roadways, pathways, ADA and concrete paving. Landscaping consist of irrigation, topsoil, sod, plantings and boulders.
Whether small area or complete building/structure we have taken the old or dilapidated projects and restored and/or revised the space to current code with functionality and allure.  Our experience and internal skill set complied with complete toolage in all trade areas allows us to perform multiple trade areas which keeps your project on schedule.  Renovations consist of buildings, open structures, floor/walkway surfacing and leveling, building and structure stabilization/leveling, plastering, masonry, casework, finishes and ADA accessibility.

Design and Build

Our design teams consist of local/regional professionals and typically a preselected team of subcontractors to allow for fast track designs.  Our philosophy is modeled from a more traditional design/build concept which delivers a realistic budget/schedule at the design development stage and ultimately giving our clients better control of their project outcome early on instead of changes after the bid process.
Consultations and assessments are performed to assure your idea’s are viable not only through regulatory constraints but also budgetarily.  Through our knowledge base and that of other design professionals that we have close relationships with we can typically make these determinations in a short timeframe.
Residential designs are predominantly kept in house in conjunction with selected subcontractors allowing us to completely understand the look and feel you desire.  Keeping the design and build in house allows us to incorporate a variety of materials without allowing those aspects to become budget busters.


custom Homes
Custom homes simply means your home is specifically designed and tailored to meet your individual needs and budget.  We have built homes in remote, off grid areas as well as right here in Laramie. Homes include log, timber, conventional, concrete and hybrid.  We have the capabilities to self perform your entire home from start to finish with the exception of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing.
Remodels can add substantial value to your home and increase your quality of life when done appropriately.  We use our vast experience to assist you in achieving this goal. By being able to self-perform all phases of construction allows us to keep your project on budget and schedule. Remodels consist of homes, basement, kitchen and bathroom.
Projects make up all those types of work that apply time, a specific area and usually require several trade skill sets to perform quality aesthetically pleasing finished product, hence they are a great fit to us. Projects typically include decks, gazebos, pavilions, trellises, barns, boulder walls/ landscape and your creative ideas.


complex projects
Our vast experience, knowledge base, resources, technological equipment and desire to find resolution to problematic projects provides us with this specialty.
Helical Piers
We are a certified AB Chance Helical Pier installer.  Helicals have a variety of uses primarily for deep foundations, replace caissons, foundation repair/leveling, shoring and tiebacks.  Anytime pour soil conditions exist, large concentrated loads, adverse building sites, minimal landscape disturbance and/or expedited foundation supports helical piers are a great option.  We have been a certified installer since 2007.
gps controls
We have been  incorporating Lecia controls and design software since 2012. This includes Leica GeoGrade & Build Software in conjunction with Leica Machine Controls which is functional with the Robotic Total Station and/or GPS base station and rovers.  This technology allows us to perform create and/or implement highly detailed layouts over a large area while creating our own surfaces (tin) for grading.
Over the years we have corrected many existing degraded surface on concrete, masonry, plaster and wood.  This is accomplished through the use of a variety of products depending upon the surface material and degree of correction needed.  
ADA correction and implementation is a critical part of compliance for all businesses, federal/state organizations and some residences.  We have been involved with ADA compliance from design through construction and our internal capabilities/specialties simplify the process with the tight constraints of ADA.
Since the beginning of Elk Ridge we have self performed the majority of our own finishes to maintain not only quality but to allow flexibility of the selections, touchup and schedule.  This includes paints, stains, lacquers, conversion varnishes, elastomeric, sealers, cold galvanizing, electroplating and epoxies.
Timber Joinery
Over the years we have worked with Timber Engineers from the Canadian Wood Council and American Timber Joinery to create authentic timber construction milled from our log mill using a variety of joinery connections.  Some of our more favorite connection types are hidden spline & pegged, mortise & tenon and wedged dovetail.
Retaining Walls
Retaining walls can either be a matter of function without cosmetic concern such as bridges, canals and earth; or they can be created with an aesthetic value.  These walls typically gain the character from decorative concrete, masonry, timbers and boulders. We have constructed several styles and types of retaining walls ranging up to 20’ high and arched.
Our specialty in demolition is deconstruction of structures and selective demolition of specific elements within existing structures while dealing with the hazardous materials.  These processes are simplified for us due to our extensive knowledge base in constructing structures and our extensive safety training guidelines. Typical renovations have considerable selective demolition which we always perform.  Our largest deconstruction project is the Old Laramie High School.
Over the years we have invested in hydraulic powered concrete cutting saws and drilling equipment along with the traditional walk behind saws; 60-80A plasma cutters powered by large generators prevent steel from being a problem.  This enables us to to cut with precision up to a 48” dia. blade and keep our projects on schedule.

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